Stuff before I go to work

Nothing much going on here, just all the bay-bee stuff. Well, actually not that much is actually physically being done about the baby’s eminent arrival. We’ve received some lovely baby clothing from my sister and brother-in-law and have talked to other parents about hand me downs but that is about all. There has been a significant amount of talk though, which is good, it makes us feel that plans are being made. All sorts of decisions being sorted out but it’s hard to see exactly how it’s going to go down. At least for me.

I’m very excited for all of this to happen.

One thing that all new parents do seem to agree on and all seem to echo the same sentiment, “Get your sleep now, because all of that–ends after the baby.”

I’m really enjoying the new Fall line-up. Sadly though my two favorite reality shows (Survivor + The Apprentice) are boring and predictable. I have been digging ABC’s Lost and Desperate Housewives. I’ve also tuned into a lot of the National Geographic Channel and The History Channel during the day. They’re not really that informative, more repetitive than anything, but it’s hard to resist a show called, Seconds from Disaster.

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