Lost and Found

Rarely do the good folks at tedfoo.net endorse a television program, but tonight we make a special exception for ABC’s drama/thriller Lost. Let’s face it folks, everything on tv nowadays is reality shite. Now I do admit, I watch Survivor and The Apprentice (out of habit) and I have picked up a little of The Rebel Billionaire last night, but my interest has pretty much been squelched by the endless bickering of contestants and the scripted production of it all. I like watching a show where writers are paid to write a compelling script and actors are paid to act and carpenters are paid to build the set and so on (all union scale of course). You see, I think reality tv is union busting in disguise. What’s a one time million dollar payout for some lucky shmoe, when the cast of Friends were asking for a million each for one episode? Small change compared to the hundreds of millions made on advertising and the sale of Survivor tribal buffs. Anyways, I really wanted to talk about Lost–it’s a good old school show. A little action, some romance, and a plot that thickens each episode. It has that guy from Party of Five and Merry from The Lord of the Rings and a bunch of other good actors. Actors who get paid for acting. Not a bunch of bitchy people locked in a house who will all suffer mental implosions when a camera is not recording every mundane thought they decide to spew out. Anyways, come back to how television was meant to be, watch Lost, on ABC, Wednesday night, 7 central.

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