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Um, not much to write about. I had a big 12 oz. steak and fries for dinner tonight, medium, so I’m feeling a bit loggy. Thought I would surf, post blog links and digest this food.

Wil Wheaton Dot Net
Remember Wesley from Star Trek the Next Generation? Ok, so you don’t, but I do and his blog rules. Actual content. Wowy Zowy!

Journal Genie
Analyzes your blog and immediately (as if anything is done later on the web) responds with entertaining and insightful comments about your emotions. Too bad you have to go through the pain of registering for a free trial to find out what you already know. You’re a terrible writer and an emotional time bomb waiting to explode. Nice cliche’.

Colorado Psycho
I like the nuts in the background. Nice touch.

Celebrity Blog Links

I turned my attention back to the celeblog and thought I would just provide the link site instead of picking my favorites out and posting each one. One thing about celebrity blogs though, they don’t like to update, at all. Maybe because they actually have a life and all the stuff that goes along with it. Example from the No Doubt blog:

Hello all,

I realize that I have not posted in some time, for this I am sorry. I am also sorry on behalf of the band to all of the people that did not get into, or that saw only part of the hyndai pavillion show. For the people that did see the show, I feel that this was maybe the best L.A. Show ever for some of us. It was truly an epic experience.

Anyway, I am currently on tour now doing some bow wow wow shows this month. It is a bit strange to go from the no doubt tour straight to this tour, but it is a healthy dichotomy for me.
Anyway, we would like to thank all that came to see the greatest hits tour this summer. All of you truly keep us going.


[posted 7/16/2004 U.S.A.]

Adrian practically phones this one in. Apologize to the fans, promote the new tour, talk a little about music and thank the fans. He also throws in the fifty cent word “dichotomy” to show everyone he has a vocabulary. Brainy and rockin’!

Oh yeah, I really like Melanie Griffith’s blog. It’s truly awesome. Make sure you have your volume up.

Well, that’s it for now. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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