Chistmas is still fun

Christmas, what a blast. The eating and the extended merriment. Uncontrollable. Tonight I return to work, which by all means, will suck ass. I have no doubt in my mind that by six tonight, I will be thinking of how work is like sucking an ass. A perfectly apt description, someone is enjoying it, but it certainly won’t be me.

Hmmm, this post has taken a nasty turn. Let me think on the joys experienced over the holidays. Oh yeah, I had a lot of fun playing with my niece and nephew at my wife’s family Christmas party. Hannah and Drew crawled on my back, pulled my hair a little and called me a monkey. I was totally powerless to defend myself until I was given the power of parental privilege from their parents to lay the smack down whenever necessary. How quickly the tables were turned on them! I quickly turned them into my little slave drones and sent them out on search and destroy missions. Also, Hannah and I played the “seeing” game. It’s pretty simple, we sit together and just watch people and ask each other what we see. At one point, I told her that I see dead people, which was a pretty funny joke between us, and by the end of the night I had her telling her mom, and other relatives that she sees dead people and that she possessed the “sixth sense”. Kids are so much fun.

Other than that–to everyone who reads this and sent me gifts, thank you! I liked them all! How to end this post? I’ll opt for the SNL NPR parody line, “Good times…”.

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