Snow and Ice

The other week I learned that in my neck of the woods we are two to three times more likely to experience an “ice event” than other parts of the state. That’s just great. I hate the ice but don’t mind the snow. We had an inch of ice on our sidewalk. I thought it would eventually melt but had to resort to some industrial strength ice melt to be rid of it. During that week I saw heartier Minnesotans than I out with their ice choppers taking care of business old school style. Not me. Just pour on the ice melt, pour a cup of coffee and wait. We had some light snow earlier this morning. It was actually pretty. Sort of story-bookish. The sun was bright, sort of muted though, shiny flecks of snow floated in the air. Snowflakes, I guess. I’m so verbose it hurts.

I took the car through the wash today. We had a nice thick coating of salt on the car from our trip up to Minneapolis last Sunday and I thought it would be a good time to stop our car from rusting out. So, after work I bought a carwash ticket (the $6 deluxe) and went around to the back and entered. I pulled in, parked it and zoned out listening to the radio as the wash went through its cycles. I was pretty pleased with myself (very responsible, very adult) until I checked in the rearview mirror and found I forgot to turn off the radio and retract the car antenna. It was bent all crazy Sci-Fi like. I’ve straightened it out as best as I could. But it will never retract all the way down again. Reception is still good. Ice-1, Foo-0.

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