Our first birthing class was cancelled because of a scheduling snafu on the part of the hospital. Nurse Annie apologized quite a bit and said we could still fit what we had missed into the remaining classes. Flex it in. To tell you the truth, I didn’t care and I wasn’t even in the slightest perturbed. These things happen. One of the fathers (yeah, we’re fathers, I guess) in the class was in a hurry to go after he found out we could leave, Annie asked if there was a big game on in which In-a-hurry-father replied, “No, American Idol is.” Realizing what we were missing, Christi and I became in-a-hurrys too and made for home. I’m sure next week will be better. These things happen.

Not much else going on. Huh. A wonderful time was spent with my sister and wife in St. Paul over the weekend. We had lunch at the Wild Onion on Grand Avenue. Best reuben ever, and sassy waitresses!

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