The Grudge

Last night we watched Takashi Shimizu’s (The Ring director)The Grudge. This is a freakin’ scary movie. I think my wife put it best at the end of the movie when she said, “It was so scary, I’m not even sure if I enjoyed watching it.” Even though some similiar themes reappear in the The Grudge as seen in the The Ring (a curse, beautiful blonde, and creepy use of sound cues) The Grudge doesn’t have as much going character and plot wise as the The Ring did. Also it was hard to identify or completely care about the characters simply because they were underdeveloped in the script. Still, a totally freakin’ scary movie. I’m loaning it out to my boss and I will tell him no rush, because I really don’t even want it in my house right now. I bought this movie “sight-unseen” because of my deep and faithful love for Sarah Michelle Gellar and her past stellar performances in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and um, other movies. I’m happy to say Sarah didn’t let me down. No buyer’s remorse with this movie. If you’re a big horror movie fan–a definite buy.

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