The Ring

Some words and phrases used during last night’s birthing class: Mucous Plug, The Ring of Fire and Conehead. Let’s explore the context of these words and phrases. Everyone was way to interested in using the term mucous plug. It was like everyone in the class had to try it out and say it aloud. Next, The Ring of Fire:

Mom-to-be: Have you ever heard of the term, “Ring of Fire”?

Nurse: No.

Mom-to-be: I’ve heard of this term.

Nurse: I’ll look on the internet.

I’ve heard of the Ring of Fire. Spicy foods + Number Two = Ring of Fire. I suppose it could be other things too, like an area of intense volcanic activity in the Pacific Basin. Hmmm.

Oh, and we also knew two other couples in the class. So, that is nice to see some familiar faces.

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