In the waiting line

Ugh, can’t look at my Condi post anymore, happy to say, no fetish here.

Right now, the waiting for Rhen, is driving C. and I nuts. We are both trying to visualize (yeah, real corny) an early birth. I’d put my money on later this week or the weekend. C. feels that he will come early too despite what our midwives are saying about the first one always taking longer. Of course, we are very excited. Packing a bag today and putting the car seat base in the back seat so we’re all ready to go when the day comes, although we might have plenty of time. Depends on how fast the labor goes.

What else do we have? Um, snowing today but I think that has been covered nicely in previous posts. Big thick wet flakes and coming down at a pretty good rate. It could almost be sleet if the flakes were smaller. I love shoveling.

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