News update

Uh, yeah–that’s pretty lame to post a pic of snow when we’re so close to Rhen‘s arrival. I apologize. You see, when I wake up the first thing I do is take a peek out the window. Feel out the day. I could hardly resist snapping a photo of snow in March. I know, it’s probably my Minnesotaness–must periodically document snow events.

So what’s the word? Progress. We’re making it. We’re thinking this weekend, even our midwife thinks so, but don’t be disappointed if you see me at work on Monday. It’s all good.

What else? I had teeth cleaning on Wednesday, cavity filled on Thursday. Quickest and least costly visit to the dentist for me in awhile. Yeah, I have quite the history with dentists. Anyways, boring, boring, boring.

Note to Thanks for the calls. I’m sorry I haven’t returned any–we’re mostly tired all of the time. We will be in touch soon!

Such an exciting time! More to come…

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