Daddy drinks because I scream

Rhen is nursing right now, so all is well in the world. I see the potential for this to turn into a huge baby blog. I’ll try to refrain, but he is the biggest thing in my life right now. Babies and parenthood. Consider yourself warned.

Lessons learned over the past couple of days:

Burp the baby (thanks again Rachel). Gas sucks for babies. I never thought I would be so concerned with gas. I love it when he belches or rips one. That is a good thing because it’s one step closer to peace.

Check that diaper! It might of been dry a minute ago, but now it’s wet. Instant satisfaction. Oh yeah, and look out for the firehose. I was baptised into fatherhood last night. Right in the eye. Good shot lad, I’ll remember to bring it up when you’re 16 and trying to impress your friends.

A car ride is like a hit of heroin for a baby. Today–total meltdown getting him into the car. Complete pandomonium. It was awesome though–the dogs activated the garage door opener while trying to get him into the car, revealing the chaos to our neighbors. Anyways, Rhen is totally screaming as we pull out of the garage, by the time we’re on the street he is sleeping solid. Doesn’t stir for hours. The only problem is staying awake to drive the car.

More to come, obviously. Much more. Duty calls.

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