The week in review

Lets see here, baby strapped on me, the fuss factor is about 2 and slowly rising. Let us continue.

It has been a good week. Changed a ton of diapers, visited with people, bathed the boy, doctor’s visit, took him out shopping–you know, the important stuff. I think the experience has been very agreeable for both of us. I’ve found that conversation (or my improvised diaper changing monologue) with my son is very easy at this point. It is casual and flows well. I find myself unhurried and free of care when changing a diaper at three in the morning. It is very odd and exactly the opposite of what I thought it would be like–you know, stressed parent, screaming kid– that ugly scenario, which isn’t to say that it doesn’t happen, but I’m just gloating over the quiet times we’ve been enjoying.

Back to work on Monday–that will be good to catch up with cohorts. Also, it’s just not the same ending the day without aches and bruises from working in the backroom. It’s all for the glory though. April understands.

So, drop me a line sometime soon. It’s great to hear from people, out there, while we’re in here, anchored–for the time being.

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