Rock and/or roll

A couple of nights ago I watched VH1’s, Behind the Music (yeah, it’s still on, no shit mofo) featuring none other than legendary rockers, Guns N’ Roses. Unbelievably I watched it, completely. Now I don’t know about the other Guns albums, but Appetite for Destruction has always been a righteous ass-kickin’-guitar-slithering-gonzo-balls-to-the wall-rock and roll album. It’s one of my favorites and I’m downloading it as I write this post. I’m gonna bring it to work and bust it on my fellow coworkers–they’re young, consider Blink-182 to be punk music, and are always listening to some crappy nu-rock like Linkin’ Park, where the singer is talking about being too scared to cry or some sorry ass shit like that. Anyway, this article is worth a read.

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