Idly scratching

I’ve spotted two empty cans of Bud Light in my neighbor’s flower bed this morning. Perhaps they’re full, but I doubt it. Last night the college kids across the street were celebrating our fine weather with the traditional beer party. We saw them earlier in the evening bringing back their cases of Bud Light like cave men dragging back the carcass of some foul beast. Heads down and shoulders slumped. I’m sure later today I will be treated to the fine view of them topless in the front of their cave idly scratching themselves in the afternoon sun, chatting on their cell phones, sharing anecdotes of the night before with their Neanderthal friends.

Each cave man has their own personal style. Most of them have a sporty style (sweat pants and their favorite Amercian Eagle vintage graphic t- shirt) but I’ve spotted one who has a kind of Emo-punker style and one (who appears to be the alpha) that has the clubbing-Ibiza-cowboy-hat style. He has his shirt off the most and a big truck with straight pipes. He seems to call the shots.

I’m sure they’re great cavemen to their parents and all are obtaining degrees in marketing or personal recreation. I wish them the very best and hope their taste in beverages and recycling habits advance as they grow older. Godspeed happy cave men!

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