I got the new Mac OS, Tiger, yesterday and I like it okay. Apple boasts 200 new features with this new OS. I think I’ve found, maybe 8 or 9. Spotlight (a search function) is da bomb, yo! It blows this OS up! Werd. The RSS reader in Safari is nice too.

Rhen is chattering along with Aimee Mann this morning. He’s a good boy. Sleeping very well at night. Smiles and coos so much during the day! We do this routine where I point to him and say in my most annoying new parent voice, “Rhen! Rhen! Rhen!” and then I point to myself and say, “Pop-pa, Pop-pa! ( yeah, like the rap song, They call me big Pop-pa)”. Smiles all around and we have a good laugh about it too.

We watched Elvis by the Presleys on Friday night. The ’68 Comeback Special’ for tv was awesome. It felt rowdy and ripe. Bawdy. I’m looking for the tunes at some point today. C and I liked a lot of the 70s stuff too, like Suspicious Minds and A Little Less Conversation. His later performances were a bit of a parody of himself in earlier times. At the end, he looked like a fat pimp. Poor Elvis. How many mega rock stars find themselves on their back mid-performance thinking about firing their manager and maybe the ludes weren’t such a hot idea? Quite a few I would imagine.

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