It’s raining, cool, Rhen is asleep and I’m not at work (as of yet). Does it get any better than this? Of course not Silly Billy!

Ok, I know I covered this once before, but I’ve been tortured again.

When it comes to the telling of dreams there should be a law against any dream telling that goes on for more than three seconds. Seriously. Also the telling of the dream should be no longer than one sentence. For example, Last night I dreamt of Manderlay (DuMaurier’s Return to Oakchia) is short and sweet. Plenty for everyone. Let your own imagination take over after that sentence. None of this, “And then I was in this room which was big but small and everyone was laughing because it was New Year’s Eve and Chris Rock was there but he was sad because no one was paying attention to his son and then the dream switched and we were on a boat out in the middle of this big ocean, blah, blah, blah.” Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for dreams and the succint telling of dreams. Remember before you tell your epic dream story:

Last night I dreamt of Manderlay.

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