Swath of destruction

I’ve discovered that during a meltdown the swath of destruction is quite impressive. What can take hours to clean and repair can be easily turned into a wasteland within minutes of Rhen’s dissatisfaction. Upstairs I’ve noticed the glass knob that opens the laundry shoot broken off. The IKEA wall light next to our bed has lost a mounting screw and now hangs crookedly, ready to drop. Rhen’s yellow ducky bath slippers have been pitched next to the rocking chair for some reason. Empty milk bottle on the fireplace mantle. The table is a disaster. Papers, bills, brochures, hair accessories, nail polish, baby toys, keys–um, pliers and clothing (baby and adult) everywhere on the table. It’s almost beautiful in its own way. So random and uncompromising.

(Juice box straw wrapper accidentally thrown into coffee
mug during the heat of battle)

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