Faceless sex

I think I’m going to hurl. How to be creative. I like the Sex and Cash Theory (Don’t quit your day job, #7). I like this part, “Another example is somebody like Martin Amis. He writes “serious” novels, but he has to supplement his income by writing the occasional newspaper article for the London papers (novel royalties are bloody pathetic- even bestsellers like Amis aren’t immune).Oh, the drudgery of writing for the papers. So my buttcrack sweatin’ backroom job at Target is cash (ha ha) and what is sex(y) for me? Not sure, but searching for my dream in waco boxes isn’t where it’s at, nor writing about it. Plus, I probably signed a document that I would never blog about working at Target. I wouldn’t want to get dooced. I’m looking for a faceless job in a corporation, small cubicle, own email address. That would be plenty of sex(y) for me.

Article quote respectfully taken from gapingvoid.com

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