It’s a good movie, really

I have stacks of CDs next to me on the table that I plan on ripping later. Lyle Lovett, Nick Drake, Tom Waits, Van Morrison, Taj Mahal, and some Greg Brown amongst many others. Rhen loves music and music loves Rhen so we try to accommodate both parties. Right now we’re listening to REM’s Out of Time, minus The Shiny Happy People song.

She was a debutante, not a gypsy, and she did more than just read tea leaves…

The other day we watched the horror/thriller classic from the 80s, Angel Heart. The back drop for the movie is both lush and crumbling. Beautiful old-timey Victorian architecture in almost every shot. Director, Alan Parker went to great lengths to find period buildings to shoot the film. The movie stars Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel, a private eye from Brooklyn in the 1950s who is hired by Louis Cyphere (Robert De Niro) to locate a mysterious singer named Johnny Favorite, who disappeared in the early 40s and hasn’t been seen since. This movie is so way ahead of its time. Apparently it didn’t do so well in theaters when it was released in 1987, guess people didn’t get it or were too excited about Dirty Dancing. Oh yeah, it also has a big twisty ending, much better than any of Shyamalan’s movies. I’ve loved this movie ever since my sister and I rented it way back in the day and have always kept a copy of it in the current video media of the day. It can easily stand next to horror greats, The Exorcist, The Shining or Jaws. So don’t walk to your video rental store, run!

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