C. was very kind to me tonight. She took Rhen to run some errands. Before Rhen was born I read an article in a parenting magazine about a dad that would run errands as an excuse to get away from his two demonic daughters and how it inevitably backfired on him. I think that approach would work in a bigger city with more shopping options, but since I work at the only store worth going to in our town, I prefer not to shop there on my days off. Not always mind you, but I try my best to hide the fact that I have no life amongst my coworkers, something I am sure they are all well aware of, but are too polite to say anything.

During my off time I eat food. In fact, I just ate four oranges, because I’m afraid I’m deficient in vitamin C. Sometimes, I surf the web or go to the bathroom–unencumbered by the stop watch lifestyle of raising a kid. If Rhen is sleeping I might have anywhere between 5 minutes to 1 hour to myself in which I can clean the floor. I now know why parents make such great multi-taskers in business. Have you ever tried to soothe a screaming baby and open a sleeve of Ritz crackers at the same time? The first time I tried opening the Ritz cracker sleeve I was quite shocked at how difficult this seemingly simple task was with a baby in one arm. It’s almost impossible, but I’ve found the scissors helps quite a bit. Speed is the essential ingredient. I’ve been thinking about writing a letter to Nabisco asking them to make their packaging more parent friendly. I don’t think it is too much to ask but I haven’t quite mastered effective one hand typing just yet.

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