4 mos.

Rhen had his four month check up Thursday. Considering all of the horror stories I’ve heard about these appointments (mainly the shots, better dose the kid with Tylenol) it went well. Rhen took the shots like a pro. Bring it. That’s all you’ve got nurse? He gets it from his mom and dad. We’re stoics when it comes to pain. Seriously I could lose a toe at work (damn pallet jacks) and still finish pulls before I bandaged it and found ice for my toe, but I digress. He is now 15 lbs. 8 oz. and 27 inches long. Tall ass kid. I told the doctor we’re getting him a basketball early on because no one blessed with that sort of height, should have to think to make a multi-million dollar living. So, we are happy to report he no longer uses his baby carrier. Now we tell Rhen he’s a big boy. He has his big boy car seat and big boy stroller. He faces out. Yes, at four months old, Rhen has been deemed a grown up. I’ve already taught him the importance of voting a straight party ticket (especially during the primaries). To celebrate his appointment and growth we took him shopping. New onesies and some jams. New soaps and a nice shelf for us. Going back home, Rhen watched the bluffs for awhile and then fell asleep in his spacious new car seat. It has been quite the summer so far.

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