On walking

I was just thinking about walking with Rhen. A couple of days ago, Rhen and I were on one of our notoriously long walks about town. We decided to go down Huff Street between the two lakes. Rhen was telling me about how pissed he was that we extended our walk when two middle-aged women passed us. One of the women was talking about patio doors when she turned and looked at Rhen and said, “Whatz wrong little baaaby?” She looked up at me expecting her answer. Caught off guard, I deadpanned, “I don’t know.” She abruptly laughed, thinking this was high wit, turned around and dryly said, “He needs his mother.” I watched her burst into flames as she powerwalked on. I hate this when it happens. No snappy comeback. Since we were taking cheap shots, I should of said, ” Mam, no amount of walking is going to lift that flat ass back up. Time to nip and tuck.”

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