Any suggestions?

It has been hard finding time to post lately. Rhen is in this whole stage of don’t set me down or I’ll cry–a lot. Sometimes though, he is like, “Okay that is enough. Set me down. I would like to play in my Exersaucer.” Right now he is in his Exersaucer, moaning like a hungover pirate. It’s very throaty and I’m feeling very pleased with him. ARRRRRRRRRRH. ARRRRRRH. ARRROOOOOOH. I dare not say anything to him because than that ruins it all and he will begin crying or fussing. This is all Rhen’s time and I shouldn’t do anything to stop it. If I were to say something stupid like, “Make the lion go to sleep Rhen.” He would be like, “Oh screw it, you just ruined-EVERYTHING. I’m going to cry now.” This could all be leading up to an enormous poop though. Whatever is going to happen, Rhen seems pretty set on it.

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