It’s just a bridge

Rhen and I went walking this morning and noticed with some sadness that the “Target” was flipped upside down and propped up against a garage. I guess target practice is over and the season is about to start. Maybe he/she had to mow the lawn (not that there is any lawn to mow, unless you water at least six hours a day). Still, I thought they could’ve been a bit more tidy about it, but that’s just me. It’s also weird how Rhen and I always end up on the same course when we try to take random walks. Same street. Same distance tread. Maybe tomorrow I’ll head more north, but it’s difficult because the river pretty much stops that direction. I’m not sure about taking the Interstate Bridge considering I don’t do so well with heights anymore. I’ve looked underneath the brdige a few times just to reassure myself that the sidewalk isn’t going to plunge into the Mississippi, but it’s a whole different story when you’re up there and a semi truck blows by and the entire bridge bounces. I might of liked it when I was younger but now it just makes more gray hair for me. Plus, I would look like a total idiot walking my kid up there. A lot of exhaust, noise and Wisconsinites.

The rest of the day was typical Rhen stuff. I work to keep him in the Triangle of Tranquility. Rest, nutrition, and active learning. If I keep him in that state of mind the day is a cinch. Right now he’s heading towards a Cone of Chaos. Better go.

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