Summertime and the living is not easy

Although we are having significantly better weather from the past couple of days, Rhen and I haven’t ventured out much, in fact, not at all. Not to even use his wonderful blue teddybear swing donated from C’s sister. Fact is, I’m sick of summer and all of its cheery sunsoaked fun. I jones for blue jeans and sweaters. Cool mild weather. Outerwear hangs neglected in my closet. I’m dying to put on a right smart looking stocking cap and fingerless gloves to project my inner hipster upon this dusty faded small town. Right now though, I settle for Target shorts and some crappy stretched out faded t shirt from the Gap. Blah. Flip flops- barf. I’m constantly glistening. It got so bad yesterday I decided to give myself a skinner. So, now I’m running around with ill fitting clothing and a general issue hairdo trying to get Rhen to poop. I feel and look like a complete jackass. Thank you summer. Thank you kindly.

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