All apologies, Rhen

I feel like I’ve been unfair to Rhen the last couple of days. He sits on my lap (with the help of the Bjorn) like a good little monkey as I post. An email from Rachel asked the question if we were going a little stir-crazy. She’s right. I totally denied the same question from my mother-in-law a week ago, because I’m a young, new parent with unlimited enthusiasm and energy! Ha ha. Me crazy? Nope. I love isolation! So, thanks Rachel, it was sort of a wake up call. So the message is–it’s alright to cry. Even grown men do it (remember that song?).

So, getting back to Rhen. He’s such a sweet and intelligent boy. He coos and smiles and loves to stand up (on your pins!) with help. He fusses but it rarely lasts long. There is nothing that the Baby Bjorn, iPod and our sweet dance moves can’t cure. I think that Rhen will be a great dancer when he grows up. God knows we shake it a lot around here. Not afraid to move his hips. He takes a bottle really well and belches fantastically when he’s done eating. He’s regular–for the most part (I mean, everyone goes off schedule from time to time). Gas? Sure, who doesn’t have gas? Show me a baby that doesn’t have gas and I’ll show you a Minnesotan that doesn’t talk about the weather. It’s the natural way of things.

Anyways, the point of this post is that Rhen is such a good boy. Like I said, looking back at my posts, I see a pattern of general bitchiness. I think it’s understandable, but I just wanted to take time to qualify it. Rhen is such a joy. He’s our guy. Our little Mac. We love him so much.

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