Rhen and IKEA

C. and I took Rhen for his first trip to IKEA and a visit to his Auntie Paula and Uncle Terry. Going up wasn’t so bad. We stopped outside of the Twin Cities at a Target parking lot so Rhen could get out and chill, perhaps eat, but the nursing in the car thing isn’t working anymore, so we just settled for chilling and watching the cars race by on the freeway.

He did super at IKEA. I Bjorned him for awhile and picked up necessities such as a big fluorescent green snake, a green ladybug wall light, and a green mesh storage tower for Rhen. I suppose I could go through the whole list but it would turn this post into one huge paragraph. I’m happy to report that we did get out of the store under one hundred bucks. Pretty good haul too.

It was nice for Rhen to see his aunt and uncle. Paula gave me a couple neat t-shirts. Terry was very kind and brought us out a big bowl of sliced assorted melons when we arrived. Surprisingly refreshing. It always hits the spot.

The way back was for the most part uneventful. Around Lake City Rhen got hungry, badly. C. was already riding in back with him, so after many attempts to settle him down C. just did “the needful” and brought Rhen dinner on the go (Rhen never left his car seat, it was sort of a leaning over maneuver on C.’s part). After that, he slept the entire way home. Such a sweet boy.

Good to be home and looking forward to the week!

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