Crackbabies ROCK!

I can’t help but feel somewhat pleased by what I found on the contextual drop down menu for Airport last night. A lot of the colllege kids buy wireless base stations for their laptops and give generic names just like you can name a computer (My Computer). As you can see in the picture below, I’ve named mine “foowireless.” Boring but accurate. I’m Foo. This is my wireless. Above me, someone named their base station, “Crackbabies ROCK!”. I’m sure this is directed towards us and like I said, I am pleased to know that I am innocently annoying college students. To set the scene: These are the best years of your life. 11 pm–Saturday night. Refridgerator full of beer, cell phones ringing, light cigarettes shared and smoked, serious discussions taking place around the table–and then you hear it. The abrupt wail of the baby next door and his father singing “Rock-a-Bye Baby”, over and over again.

(Funny, ha-ha)

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