Well, the garage door opener is fubar. I was going to take a picture of it, but I don’t have the energy. Just imagine a cracked gear case. It’s black, plastic, cylindrical and a bunch of yellow gunk leaking out of it. It’s the Kill Bill gear case, but no longer kicks ass. Earlier I was telling Rachel about how I fixed our ripped screen with duct tape (I’m lazy and ghetto) and decided that maybe, just maybe duct tape can fix my cracked gear case. No dice. I actually tried but duct tape just doesn’t have the strength to do it. My ass duct tape can fix anything. You probably have asked, why doesn’t he call a repair man? I’ve called Don’s Doors. Don knows doors is how the commercial spot goes. Don may know doors but he certainly doesn’t know shit about checking messages on his answering machine. I’ve gone to Menard’s, Fleet Farm and Home Depot and priced garage door openers. $128. I just need one part. I’ve looked for the replacement part online. Stanely has discontinued making the parts. No dice. I’ve logged onto eBay hoping to find someone selling the replacement part. Close but no dice. They have the actual gear but not the gear case. I’ll try calling Don again tomorrow, but you know, I have the feeling no one will be home again. Answering machine. Beep!

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