Rhen’s latest

Rhen is doing this new thing. Super annoying. He goes, “A-heh, a-heh, a-heh, a-heh, a-heh, a-heh, a-heh.” He does this for like five seconds, stops and then starts over again. Never gets old!

Everything else is going pretty well other than the fact that I feel like I’ve been clubbed in the head. I think I’ve been running on adrenaline for the past couple of days and finally coming to the end of that crazy train. Funny thing is Rhen doesn’t need any sleep training. He goes right to bed. I think I need it. Hundreds of parents probably would slap me knowing that my baby sleeps wonderfully, it’s just me that sucks at getting to sleep.

I think the customization on WP is going to take a little longer. I tried changing things last night and instead of just puking on the css and upchucking crappy unformatted html, it gives you a gray page that tells everyone that you suck. WordPress must have been created by some bloke. At the support forums, it isn’t realized, it’s realised.

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