Weekend Roundup

Rhen and I are kicking it around the house this morning while C. sleeps in. I guess she had a Pepsi before we went to bed and had a hard time getting to sleep. So Rhen is in his Johnny Jump Up rocking out, having already burned out in the Exersaucer.

Pretty good weekend so far. We got Rhen a new umbrella stroller. Ladies and Gentleman, we give you the Jeep All Weather Umbrella Stroller. This thing rules. The other one from Walmart (we suck) was too short. Christi theorized that it was designed short for new teenage mothers. It was also rickety and pushed Rhen forward so it looked like he was heaving. We are very pleased with the Jeep. Nice and tall. Easy to maneuver.

On the movie front we finally watched The Ring 2. Yes, we are a bit behind in movies. Once again, really scary but man did the plot stink and the character development? Slow, slow, slow! Same for the plot. I grew a bit bored during the movie while Christi covered herself during the more intense scenes. A little bit on the deer. Fakey fakety fake! Bad CGI deer. It was okay for a little bit but then when they all came out–no good. Your CGI is showing. My favorite part, by far is at the end,when Rachel comes out of the well and is surrounded by the misty forest filled with birch trees. I love birch trees. The scariest tree ever–screw the hoary pine. Birch is where it’s at. Anyway, somehow that scene made up for killing off the newspaper owner, Aiden’s inexplicable growth spurt (how long did it take to film this movie?), and Sissy Spacek’s embarassing performance as Samara’s natural birth mother. Sissy? Please. In the end, I ‘m glad we didn’t buy.

If you would like to see a good movie, I recommend The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Each shot, much like The Royal Tenenbaums is richly designed.

My favorite quote from Aquatic:
Ned Plimpton: Are we being attacked by hijackers?
Steve Zissou: Out here we call them “pirates”.

If anything, watch this movie for the superb soundtrack. David Bowie, some nice spritely orchestral pieces and Portuguese versions of David Bowie classics performed by Seu Jorge. Sweet.

Strange, today is Sept. 11th. The fourth anniversary of the attacks. Hardly a peep from any of the major news outlets about it. I watched the celebrity-studded Shelter from the Storm fundraiser Friday night, which made me think about the September 11th fundraiser because the sets were so similiar? Anyway, I remember being sad and exhausted, watching the Dixie Chicks perform I believe in Love and still feeling some sort of hope for us all, not knowing that after that song ended, nothing would ever be the same again.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup”

  1. The Ring 2–they left the dead guy sitting out in front of their house in the pick up truck and seemed to just forget about him. Terry and I laughed about that all the way home from the theater.

  2. We thought the publisher/editor was killed in the last scene (that night), so there wasn’t really a lapse in time and he would be taken care of shortly. I mean, Rachel had just crawled into a television set and then jumped off a cliff to come back. Dead editor dude can wait, unless I’m mistaken on the sequence…

  3. Did you catch the ending where Aiden calls Rachel, “Mommy”? She asks Aiden to call her Rachel instead. Start happy ending sequence (dead editor to be taken care of shortly) but then there is a flicker of static in the final shot. I think Rachel is still in Samara’s world.

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