6 mos.

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It’s early, public radio drones in the background and I’m brewing a big pot of coffee. Rhen was up a little bit this morning and since I’m such a sucker for an early riser I got up with him. He’s gone back to bed while I’m waiting for Seattle’s Best.

Rhen had his six month appointment yesterday. He did very well. When the nurse said we would measure his head, I said it’s huge and hardly fits through the door. He’s so advanced! She was all like, “Ha. Ha.” Hardly any fussiness after his two shots (he got a break this time, only two not four). I suppose if Rhen were a flight he would be arriving on time maybe even a bit ahead of schedule. The only thing that we haven’t really decided on is some sort of sleep training. Our doctor is the sleep nazi. He’s not as core as Ferber but he recommends or as he calles it, “my friendly advice” that we get him sleeping by himself. He wasn’t pushy about it, so not really a fascist at all. Basically, he said that every doctor would agree that a baby is unspoilable under six months and spoilable over twelve months. Right now he’s in a gray area. Christi and I had a laugh after the appointment about being spoilable. It just sounded so midwest to us, like getting a stocking cap in winter just might spoil that child!

A lot of development in the last week. Rhen can now sit up pretty well. He’s figuring out how to balance himself when he starts to fall. He airplane wings it. It’s so cute. He sticks his arms out, wobbles and then brings his center of gravity back in. It’s subtle and if you weren’t so obsessive like me you might not notice it or not care but I think it’s the greatest thing in the world. He loves to talk. He says, “Muh muh muh muh muh” and “Fogwah!.” Just kidding I say, “Fogwah!” I can’t help it. Fun word. He can roll over onto his tummy and finally get that arm out to prop himself up. Then he cries, well not right but it’s not far away. I understand. He is on his tummy and with nowhere to go. Not mobile yet. Definitely not wireless. He’s waiting for us to baby proof the house. Rhen’s favorite toys are his Baby Einstien Learning Blocks. He loves to see Mom at lunch and never sleeps when we go for our walk.

Sometimes when I look at Rhen and he looks back at me I think, God. He knows exactly what I’m thinking. This kid is psychic. Ok kid, cough up those lottery numbers.

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