Photo Credit

During my sister’s visit I was asked who exactly took the photo of Rhen’s Life Aquatic. Generally I’m quick to claim content on my blog although in my mind I already had doubts. I decided to be stubborn and claim ownership for the rest of the night until I could take a look at the photoset in iPhoto. I knew by my sister’s face her mind was made up about who exactly took that photo, but still I had to see the set. Seriously, when you take as many photos of your kid as we do, you honestly forget who took the photo.

Upon seeing the set I quickly realized it was Christi’s work. First of all I had no recollection of the series and the style definitely was not mine. Christi has actual training. She has a degree in photojournalism. I have a degree in history and was taught by her. It makes all the difference. I tend to force the composition because I’m always looking for content. It is one of the downsides of publishing daily. Christi, unfettered by a blog, is patient and knows the shot will eventually come. Maybe not today or this tomorrow, but like hunting deer in the woods, it will eventually wander by, unbeknownst to an amateur like myself.

So once again, my wife, takes another great shot for my blog. Thanks honey.

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