Ghost Club

Big night for the Ghost Club. We explored our house and found that we are infested with the supernatural! The tally so far:

-Six vampires in the attic
-Five vampires in the basement
-One ghost (tall bald guy wearing a brown suit with pinstripes faces corner) in backroom
-One Boogeyman in the basement
-Undetermined number of wolves in backyard
-Undetermined number of gangster ghosts (killed in big shoot out) on second floor

Before I get ahead of myself let me introduce the Ghost Club:

Vice President Counselor Hannah
Vice President Counselor Hannah

Sergeant at Arms Drew
Sergeant at Arms Drew

President Teddy
President Teddy (VP Counselor Hannah showing approval of my appointment)

As I was saying the house was vigorously explored. A variety of equipment was used for our most dangerous exploration into the basement. Sergeant at Arms Drew manned a broom, helmet and a gallon of Holy Water. VP Counselor Hannah operated the flash light. President Teddy lead the expedition and used a secret knock to enter the basement. During the midpoint of the exploration there was a critical organizational structure failure and the mission was abandoned. After we rallied in the kitchen, President Teddy called for a debriefing in the Ghost Club conference room.

President opened the debriefing with some thoughts on why the mission failed and asked for suggestions to improve the next mission. VP Counselor Hannah lead the discussion with a call for more holy water. Sergeant at Arms Drew recommended we poke the eye out of the boogeyman with his toy sword. The rest is as follows from the debriefing notes:

VPC- bring garlic
SaA- had an idea then forgot it
VPC- rope
VPC- cell phone
Pres.- more tattoos (for protection from boogeyman)
Pres.- bring bible
SaA- bring Christi
VPC- bring blanket to hide under
VPC- whip (open discussion ensued)
SaA- bring blankey to whip monsters

Meeting was adjourned and the Ghost Club went downstairs for a photo session. Later we we’re entertained by Bob the Wooden Drawing Model Statue who told us the story of the gangster shoot out upstairs. The meeting closed shortly after Bob’s story. All members toasted each other’s good health and were sent home.

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