Sweet Routine

Ah, back to the drudgery of routine. I love it. Coffee at 5:30 (that’s morning, not evening Rachel), waiting for Rhen to wake up and start my day for real. Public Radio is on and droning, “Habitat for Humanity, blah blah blah, support for NPR, greater good, blah blah blah.” We’re not members because we’re broke we can’t fit it into our budget. But Barbara F. is paying our share right now, and we’ve talked to her about it, and she’s cool with it.

Looking forward to getting out with Rhen this morning and taking some shots. Looks to be a fabulous day. This is the week we were waiting for all mushy spring and sweltering summer. Its that one pristine week in autumn when everything about Minnesota and its oddball uneven seasons are justified. I believe the word in everyone’s mind is “glorious” and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Fall is here, but it doesn’t stay for long. Soak it up.

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  1. By the way, it was noticably warmer in Iowa – long before we reached Des Moines even. And KC was probably in the mid ’70s when we got back. Hope you guys get more good weather before winter.

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