The Don Henley Approach to Drinking Responsibly

Did I tell you I’m drinking a beer? Yeah, I better post this quickly or this could turn into sloppy mush. That would be bad, because I’m one sappy emotional bitch when I get drunk. Thank God, I don’t drink often. Why you ask am I drinking tonight? I’m having a few because I’ve canceled so many things (which included going out and drinking) to spend time at home. Better make it worthwhile. What else is there to do when you spend the night at home? You watch Lost. That is what you do. So, I’m taking the Don Henley approach to drinking tonight. Two fast. You know knock ’em back quickly, and then sip the rest of the night, just to keep the buzz going. Everyone saves face and goes home walking in the end. Take it easy. Just like the Eagles.

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