The Monolith and Rhen

It’s really sweet. Yesterday we went to IKEA and purchased an entertainment center. It’s called the LACK (ha ha). I like to call it THE MONOLITH. We had to tie it to the top of the roof. Assembly was quite easy even though they did short me a couple of screws.


Anyway getting to the sweet part. I must have hooked up the DVD wrong last night so this morning when we put on Rhen’s Baby Einstein vid we weren’t getting a picture. No problem. THE MONOLITH has wheels so I moved it out and started switching the AV cables to input one in the back. I hooked up the video cable and naturally the screen came on. Cutest thing ever. C. said Rhen was trying to look around me because I was blocking the screen. Awwwwwwww. It warms my heart. I think he even voiced some sort of disastisfaction with me. A grunt tellling me to MOVE. We have a little tv watcher.

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