The Trials and Tribulations of Drain Boy

Rhen is backed up, but let me tell you, our plumbing is flowing free again. Rhen will work it out. One way or another that kid is going to poop. I’m not worried. Yeah, so back to our drains. Super clogged yesterday. I used hoses, snakes and was about to take apart the drain traps when I slowed down and thought. Let’s try Drano one more time and some of this bacterial stuff my dad suggested for prevention. I buy a huge jub jug of the Drano Gel and a big old bottle of this bacterial crap. I did this over C ‘s lunch hour so I had to hurry and went to ACE down the street. Joe Fixit dude cashiers me out. You know the kind of guy that knows everything. He unconvinced that my plan of Drano and bacterial crap is going to fix my clogged lines. He keeps telling me its the main sewer line that goes out to the street. I keep telling him it isn’t. He keeps telling me how much it costs to replace a main sewer line. I keep saying I’m sorry he had to pay that much, but that isn’t our problem. He mentions branches. I mention that this is going to work and almost invite him over so he can watch my success unfold before him. I am 33 years old. I’ve worked out a clogged drain or two before in my short life.

Get home. Start dumping Drano. I give most of it to the clogged shower drain, because I hate super hate standing in shower water. 45 minutes later, success. Unparalleled.

Later in the evening I did have a rude bout with the shower head. I guess I didn’t attach it right during my experiments to clear the drains with a hose and I had water flying all over the bathroom. It doesn’t seem like much of a big deal but you know, I’m tired, cold and naked trying to fix this thing with a wrench. It’s not a very comfortable feeling. Once again, unparalleled success. Shower. Sleep.

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  1. Yeah, but our bathtub drain runs horizontal and then down. So, the long hook wouldn’t work. I’ve tried something similiar to it.

  2. The long skinny hook from the sewing notions section is FLEXIBLE. Our drain runs horizontal too. Coat hangers won’t work.

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