Rhen still not pooping a lot, but doing other things to pass the time

I want to assuage any concerns or fears that some of you expressed during the last post regarding Rhen’s constipation. He has pooped, but not full bore. Little rabbit turds that seemed to sting a great deal. It is pooping though and that is a good thing. He’s become quite fussy about taking a bottle from me. I make it and try to give it to him in which he grabs it and wants to read the Dr. Brown label on it. He furrows his brow and says, “Arrrooohyaaaaah” he then grabs the nipple twisting and mashing it down. I tell him nipples are fun but he’s going to get slapped if he tries that later in life.

Rhen has learned how to pick things up. He loves to pick up his ball, remote control or giraffe toy. He also has learned “want”. As in I want your drink, USB cable or necklace. I want to grab it, hold it, furrow my brow and then stick it in my mouth. He’s so on the verge of busting out. It’s that furrowed brow that has me worried.

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