This is way more than a cruise

Well, only a third of the referendum passed. I guess Winonans really want some of those schools closed. It’s sad. Voting was really close, but it looks like only half of Winona’s pop. came out to participate.

Man, it is Wind Storm 2005 here! The front boulevard looks great. I raked it over the weekend but the maple next door was still dropping leaves. This wind must of blew everything east. Nature is awesome! Good work nature.

Huh. Oprah just showed up on Good Morning America. (I think it is terribly wonderful that I can watch these shows in the morning. This is the equivalent of vacation) with a coffee and bottle of water. Why is Diane Sawyer all energetic and jumping up and down? I like the more subdued laid back Diane Sawyer.

Morning plans. Drink coffee. Bathe Rhen. Go walking. Maybe take nap.

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