LOST recap

Man, I still can’t believe they capped Shannon last night. Although, I didn’t think her storyline was going anywhere. She seemed like the most logical character to sacrifice for a ratings boost. Did you catch that Xbox 360 commercial (When the Teddy Bears Have Their Picnic)? Cray–zee. It has all these kids running around throwing water ballons at each other with that crazy song playing in the background. It should win an award of some sorts. Screw it, with a couple of exceptions (The Life Aquatic), it was the best cinematic experience I had this year. I won’t buy an Xbox, but the commercial makes me love geeky gamers even more.

Anyways, this was supposed to be a post about LOST. See, my theory, is that The Others don’t exist (actually they do exist). What’s up with the voices? It’s all a part of the experiment.

Oh, don’t worry about missing the deleted scene, not much there, just a quick icy scene between Shannon and her stepmother getting food ready for the wake. Apparently they didn’t like each other.

I’m excited to see the story of the people in the tail end of the plan next week but I’m also a little annoyed by this move, because I have so much invested in the characters, that I don’t really want to learn about these other people. They suck but apparently, they landed on the wrong side of the island, had it a bit rougher going than the survivors in the front end of the plane.

So, is Walt dead?

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