Growly Morning Rhen

Boy, does time sure does fly when you’re having fun. The big Christmas holiday shopping spree is gearing up at Target so, less opportunities to write. Too busy running down gifts for Joe Public at Winona’s finest discount store. And that is exactly what it is, don’t let the Choxie adverts tell you anything different. You can still buy Boudreaux’s Butt Pasteâ„¢ at Target. Ooh, this is starting to look like a big covert guerilla markerting strategy. Better knock it off.

Play Rhen, play!
Make a love bug connection

So, everything is good over here. Rhen’s favorite new thing to do is talk. Now, I use that term loosely. This is what he likes to say, “Maaamaaamaaamaaamaaamamamamamamaaamaaaaaaah!”

AM boys
Morning People

Yes, it appears that he is now heading for “Mom” first. Of course this all happens at different volumes. The other night C. went out to get Culver’s for dinner so I set him in his Exersaucer. He’s such a little worker when he plays. Anyway, when C. got home Rhen looked up and growled/yelled when Christi walked into the room. His whole face lit up. Recognition warms the heart.

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