Sick chicken, stupid frog

I’ve been sick the past couple of days, so another excuse for lack of updates. It’s a skilled cold, moving itself back and forth from my sinuses to my chest with an ease and confidence only exhibited by viruses tempered in the Far East. I don’t think this is personal. Everyone at work is sick with him, so I don’t feel singled out. Still though, by seven at night, he’s gotten the best of me, and I need to lay down for awhile.

This is hard, especially when I’m at work, in the backroom, running down LeapFrogâ„¢ products for lazy parents. Man, LeapFrogâ„¢ needs to like, standardize their products or make a chart that shows compatibility with their different systems, because I am not spending another moment answering that question. It’s called a receipt people. Bring it back if it doesn’t work with your Learning Reading System as opposed to the Multimedia Reading Learning System. Gawd. Ack. Show some backbone and show some purchasing power. Sometimes I feel like telling them, look why don’t you just buy a book, sit down with your kid, and read it to them. It’s the same thing but it’s better and cheaper. Yes, it’s official. I hate LeapFrogâ„¢ products.

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