God the Roofer

Ok, I’ll try to keep this short because it’s weird. Our neighbor is having a new roof put on his house and the roofing crew, I dunno I’m sort of captivated by them. Well, the boss in particular. He’s the roofing guru. He is endless and nameless (actually he has a name, it’s right on the side of his truck, but I’m not saying). Last night he left his truck in our neighbor’s drive way (neighbor is on vacation). This morning he just appeared. On the roof. I watch that house from the minute I get up. I didn’t see his vehicle and trust me, these guys have trucks, mofo huge trucks. New ones. Sure, he could’ve walked or took a cab. Maybe a friend dropped him off, but I like to think he materialized on the roof this morning. Like a ghost. And he just works all day. Doesn’t chat with the help. Smokes one cigarette in the morning, while he works. He is non-stop, endless. I think. I think he might be God. It’s mesmerizing to watch and I’ll totally miss him when he is done.

6 thoughts on “God the Roofer”

  1. Hello, I was searching google on how to unclogg my shower drain and your blog came up. I am thinking of trying the drano thingy before I try to and patiently wait for my landlord to fix the MAIN PROBLEM..you have given me hope….hahahah…anyway…kept reading your other entries and they made me laugh. Especially the portable personal bathroom “diaper” funny stuff man.

    Take care!

  2. Hey Pam! It’s always good to hear from a reader. You must despise standing and shower water as much as I do, so get a bottle of Drano Gelâ„¢ (it has to be gel). Make sure you save the receipt and send it a long with your rent check, deducting the amount the Drano cost. You could leave a little note saying, “Uou will see more of these receipts each month until the main problem is fixed.” 🙂

    Once again, I’m glad you enjoyed my blog.

    PS–skip the bacterial drain cleaner stuff. Worthless.

  3. Bacterial drain cleaner is a preventive maintenance thing, not a resolve the clog thing. I still swear by the long hook.

  4. Dude. The thread that won’t die… yes, i know the bacterial drain cleaner is a perventative thing, however after i cleared my drain it didn’t work BUT I do have another tip on that. Don’t mix it like the bottle says, just dump it down the drain. in larger than recommended quantities.

  5. Always dump directly down the drain in larger than recommended quantities whether it is Draino or enzymes. If it is a preventive thing, how do you know it is not working? You have to have a clear drain to start with.

  6. I had a clear drain to start with (water draining=clear drain?) and then I started using a larger amount of enzymes and the water is still draining quickly, the other time I was using the recommended amount the drain had started to slow by this time. Plus, what hell am I going to do with the enzymes anyways? Save ’em?

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