9 mos.

So, it’s like Rhen’s 9 month birthday and what else is there to do except put on The Pretenders and have some green beans for breakfast?

Smiley birthday boy

We’re very proud that Rhen has nine months in and nine months out. He’s evened up the score and is ready for the world. Tricks include: Non-stop babbling/whining (we love him, really we do), standing with the support of “the block”, walking with daddy, sitting upright (no brainer), hitting toys together, knows his name, and most remarkable of all, he knows all the presidents of the U.S. (that went easier than I thought it would), chronologically.

Dad and Rhen in Nojo

At this point, life would be unimaginable without Rhen, and I mean that without any sarcasm. I honestly do. Now, I’m not going to glow and call him God’s little precious gift. For one, that’s just country crock, and some days he’s far from it. But’s it’s just like anything that you love–somedays it’s bursting. Somedays, not so much, but it’s always constant. Always there. Even Chrissy Hynde’s black tortured soul has figured that out.

Other news: Our friends Charlie, Lynn and their two boys moved to Marshall, MN. We miss them a bunch. Rhen has three teeth. Two on the bottom and one snaggle tooth on top. Christi searched high and low for an Eiffel tower charm for Kendall. No luck. And me? I want to be The Man. The man that can fix the water softener again. I’m still looking for him. Please come back. Our skin is dry.

4 thoughts on “9 mos.”

  1. I’ve got that Eiffle Tower charm…it is very interesting that you mentioned that weird little piece of info. on your blog.

  2. Rhen is so adorable – you say you miss us – you have no idea how much I miss you guys. I have even joined (free two weeks) Curves just to get out of our tiny cell like house and away from my (wonderful) busy children. I keep wondering Why? Why? why…

  3. @ PMW–I had no idea that you had the Eiffel Tower charm. Not my style to drop hints.

    @Lynn–So good to hear from you! We miss you and feel like, really sad when we go by your old house. So, like pinky swear here, that we will stay pals. I’m sure it’s a nice drive to Marshall. 🙂

  4. These pictures are so cute; I totally know what you mean about hitting “the mark” when the babies stop acting like Cabbage Patch toys and start acting like real, little human beings … I mean, dang, thing that you MADE, fer chrissakes! You guys look like best buds; it makes me wish Jen was little again 🙂

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