Rhen just isn’t going to let me finish this post

Dudes. Looks like I’ve almost worn out this chair rappin’ at you guys this year. It’s all wobbly and ready to fall apart, but it is was totally worth the $20 we paid Vicki. I’m thinking about just bringing the IKEA captain’s chair and parking it here at the dining table. Some padding for my ass, because this is getting olde tyme shoppee. We can always hide it I suppose when we have company, you know, how people get so offended when office furniture is used athe dining room table. Faux Pas!

Note to self: Take ABBA Gold off of iPod. Sick of skipping ABBA tunes in shuffle mode. Keep Dancing Queen, and Knowing Me, Knowing You

Rhen is playing wiht the Pump in Style box for C.’s breast pump. He loves playing with anything that hasn’t been branded as a toy by a marketing agency. Favorites include: Puffs food container, wrapping paper rolls, lint roller brush, shoe boxes, Pump in Style box, and empty Target prescription bottles. Basically we just throw our trash at him. Haha, just kidding, but these are the things he loves. Sorry guys if you bought him a bunch of toys for Christmas. Should gotta an empty box for him.

Rhen also had his 9 month check up which culminated in our doctor trying to push him over. Rhen stuck out his arm to balance himself and the doctor said it didn’t look like he had an learning disabilities. Rhen’s frown came on and later on C. and I joked up Rhen saying, “What the hell? That guy just tried to push me over. He could’ve just asked my Dad about my balance. Jeez.” Everything looks good. Rhen’s terrific height appears to petered out. Percentiles. It’s all very competitive. I didn’t realize Rhen had peers already.

If you want to find me on the internets you can visit my photostream at Flickr. You can also find the link under Dinner Roll, later on when this post recedes into the darkness. Dude. I spend all my online time there. I’ve met a lot of great people too. As the site says, “Flickr is more fun when you invite friends and family.” Yah, but that would require me knowing your email address and wanting to type that in a form. Dozing off, right now. Anyways, stop by. Both my brother and sister have accounts. You can too!

Well, that’s it for now amigos! Rhen wants me to be Dad.

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