Our Personal Holiday Best

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Hey hey! The Christmas juggernaught is almost, almost over. We celebrated the end of the insanity Monday afternoon by leaving my Aunt’s Christmas party early, but then suddenly realized that we still have C.’s extended family Christmas event on New Year’s Eve. So that’s four, and that is a new record for us. At least I think it is, and plus it feels more like twenty-two with child in tow. A child is nice to duck behind during awkward conversations. Yep, a child makes the perfect accessory for any family function. Get yours today.

Teddy and Rhen in the Xmas spirit.
Rhen and I getting in the spirit of things. My mom, drunk again.

Over the holidays, we enjoyed the company of my brother Patrick, and his wife, Alisa who came far from Seattle. We also were fortunate to have my sister and her husband join us. Paula and Terry, who just came down HWY 61 from the Twin Cities, not as far as Seattle, but an equally grueling journey.

Long lost brother and sister-in-law, found in the basement!

Lots of family. Nice to see. I think next year I would seriously consider stepping off the Christmas train. It’s almost too insane and I think Rhen amplified that feeling with his needs. It’s enough to keep it together when it’s just you, but add a child, and you add a whole new pepper to the salsa. Ha. I just made that up and I’m not deleting it. Maybe it’s time to start our Christmas tradition. Well, definitely when Rhen is older.

Teddy and Rhen flopping on floor
Dad and Rhen, fighting off “The Silent Cone of Holiday Madness” by rolling on floor and ignoring people

The entire holiday event weekend (I haven’t fogotten the Murray party) ended with a drive in the country. Rhen fell asleep coming back from my aunt and uncle’s Xmas bash so we decided to extend it by driving around the county. It was nice to chat about the weekend and unwind. We drove by Blackberry road. It’s a long low maintenance road near my parents house that winds up to the ridge. Last week a meth lab burned towards the top of Blackberry Road. A young man was arrested. Winona County has many of these township roads that I’d imagine make ideal locations for cooking crystal meth. It’s a complete bummer to think about because Winona County is a beautiful area.

Melanie and CPR mask
Melanie helps her mother with a CPR mask. No need to panic, it was a gift. Melanie is a registered nurse.

Well, that’s about it. Looking forward to the new year, like OMG, the past year was a total blockbuster for C. and I! I’m sure it will only get better from here out. So, from our family to yours, we wish you the best of luck in the new year and your continued happiness and success.

2 thoughts on “Our Personal Holiday Best”

  1. Pinky swear 4-sure!!

    Hope you and Christi are still planning to make it tomorrow night. Charlie and I are pretty psyched for a night away from the mayham of kids/christmas! We are putting an offer in on a house tonight. I am getting cold feet, so we better do it soon.

    Good to hear your Christmas was like ours – crazy and a relief to be over – alas we also have one more this weekend too.

    See you soon

  2. I really wish Mom would stop drinking. It’s an embarrassment, especially at those family functions.

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