Keep on Truckin’, Snook

Before Christi left for work she told us to enjoy our PBS television show, It’s a Big Big World. She knows I dislike it (although I will admit they do have a nice easy to navigate website). Of course the show’s message is good (we’re all different, but you know, we can still love each other). The main character, the main dude if you will, is a deadhead tree sloth named, Snook. He has this shaggy mullet and at the end of every show he spins around singing some lame ass song that recaps the themes we learned today. As the credits roll, the opening rift to Franklin’s Tower starts and Snook fires up a big joint, gives us a knowing wink and hightails it to the nearest strip club, or at least that’s what the producers do.

Watching PBS in the morning is a part of our new routine. Rhen sort of watches but not too closely, which makes me happy. I mean seriously, I don’t care if it is PBS. Right now we’re (or more like I am) watching Arthur which is a step up from Snook’s Happy Love-In but Athur is sort of a lame ass too. Thankfully, Rhen is much more interested in his books.

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