Rhen 10 mos. and then some: Advances of a “Child of the Light”

Hey everybody! It’s been like a hundred years since I last talked with y’all, so here I am! I just want everyone to know I really like, It’s a Big Big World and that Snook is a thoughtful caring tree sloth. A perfect role model for any young man growing up in the hyper-busy world. Arthur is still a lame ass though.

Nothing really new going on. Just working for the man at Target and taking care of the little man back at the ranch. Now that Rhen is a “child of the light” he’s on a much more accelerated path of development. His front four chippers are coming in nicely and only caused one relatively sleepless night. That boy just didn’t want to sleep. He’s also just on the verge, literally ready to rise up, and crawl his way to destroying our DVD player. It’s exciting to watch! Today I watched him do his G.I. belly crawl over to the DVD player but he seemed too exhausted to bother with it once it was in reach. He can drink very well from his sippy Nuby cup and he loves, just loves to laugh with Christi and I. It’s the best sound in the world.

Another thing. I think he’s pretty burned out on the Death Cab for Cutie album, Plans. We were on average listening to it like, three times a day. Seriously, we know that album. We burned through Rogue Wave easily enough and have started returning to Decemberists and Rufus Wainwright. I’ve noticed that Rhen does enjoy a nice piano piece.

Well, better roll. Looks like my little monkey is getting ready for a nap.

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