John Locke Watch

Well, Snook seems more stoned than usual this morning.

Last night’s episode of LOST solidified my theory that John Locke is definitely with The Others. First off, they’ve put that creepy atmosphere around him again (when he was watching Charlie go baptism nutsie). It reminded me exactly of the beginning of the first season when it was like, “Whatcha thinking, Locke?” Secondly, at the end of the show, what’s John doing changing the lock combination again on the gun cabinet, and storing the heroin? Finally, in the scenes for next week, it appears all hell breaks loose with The Others. Case in point would be Jack screaming at Locke about moving the guns, but scenes can be so misleading.

Poor Charlie. Everyone thinks he’s a doper again. He also had a lousy brother.

The baptism scene with Eko, Claire and Aaron was very beautiful. Once again, LOST has it in full swing.

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  1. I agree with you completely about Locke. This ep definately portrayed him in a bad light. He seemd to be the one that was leading the charge against Charlie – isolating him. I think he may be behind Charlies visions – maybe from some kind of magic jungle goo (like he used on Boone) or some of the Heroin stash he’s storing in th egun cabinet.

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